Dental Medicine & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Medicine & Cosmetic Dentistry

General and Preventive Dentistry

Reem Medical Group’s Dental Department has revolutionised dental care with its professionalism and quality. It offers a contemporary approach to dentistry in a soothing and aesthetic environment. A complete range of treatments is delivered by highly qualified and experienced dental professional.  Preventive dentistry is a major focus area at the Reem Dental Department. Preventive Treatment Programme facilitates improvement and maintenance of gums, relief from tooth sensitivity, fluoride treatment and tooth sealants and patient education on oral care.

Dental Department at Reem Specialists Medical Centre – Rolla and Reem Al Nadha Medical & Diagnostic Centre – Al Nadha houses one of the most advanced dental treatment facility for:

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Tooth coloured fillings for chipped, slightly uneven teeth, porcelain veneers for discoloured, rotated teeth and teeth whitening.


Scaling and polishing of teeth along with gingival surgery to treat chronic gum problems like periodontitis and gingival recession.

Restorative and Endodontics:

Minimal cavity preparation and restoration for decayed teeth, root canal treatment with advanced Rotary Endodontics for painful teeth helps preserve the natural dentition.

Pediatric Dentistry:

Habit breaking appliances for thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, early detection and prevention of developing malocclusion and prevention of decay through topical fluoride application.


Removable and fixed appliances to correct the malocclusion.

Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry:

Replacement of missing teeth is done through various means including removable dentures, cast metal dentures, fixed ceramic bridges, metal and porcelain crowns.

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